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Candace Lark

Happy Musician Coaching

Helping you have the Music Life YOU want.


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What is Happy Musician Coaching?
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What is Happy Musician Coaching?

Happy Musician coaching focuses on allowing you to be the musician YOU want to be and helps you create and follow a road map to Your purpose.

HM coaching helps musicians who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and unfilled in their music life. Have You learned the music and mastered the skills? Just graduated? Have you been in the music business for years and are ready for a serious change?

Happy Musician Coaching helps you build a real plan to have the music life YOU want.

Who do I coach?

  • Musicians in college, university, or conservatory, who are starting their career.​​


  • Musicians returning to their instrument with a specific goal(s) to meet.


  • Musicians re-inventing their careers.


  • Musicians working to meet a short-term goal.


  • Musicians who have plateaued and are in need of a reset to move forward.

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Who do I Coach?
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How I help musicians

I help you do the following:

Refresh your Motivation

I  take an inside-out approach to motivation. I help you change the way you’re thinking so you can get authentic and sustainable results. I want to learn the hows and whys of their mind.

Build a road map:

I work to make your journey more manageable.  by learning about your capabilities. I learn what goals could present a challenge, and also when I should redirect you to a more beneficial goal.

Increase Self-Awareness:

I  will help you reflect on those goals.  I'll help you track and make sense of your progress. You will learn how to reflect on possible failures and successes. I will help you see what went wrong and what went right.

How I help musicians
Why my coaching helps

Why my coaching helps

Musicians have a desire for continued development, to move forward, and to grow. Being a musician is an infinite journey. Whether being a musician is a career or just for personal enjoyment, growth can be challenging, but it must be intentional.

Outside of our artistic skills, there is much musicians have to develop. We can become overwhelmed and even stall. This is because growth requires change, and our brains don't like change. 

That's where I come in. I get to know you what lights you up and help you create a road map that helps create the music career you want. School told you what's out there and taught you the skills to get it. What if you don't want what's out there? You may need to create your own success, I help you make a strategic plan to do that. Think of me not as your fairy godmother, but more like the mice that work hard to keep you on the right path.

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