Why Happy Musician Gear?

    Would you like an easier way to transport your instruments and accessories?

    Would you like a an effortless classy way to advertise while your performing?

    Would you like an app that connects you with potential clients instantly?

    Would you like a better music stand, lighter and durable equipment that has multiple uses?

    How about special pens, pencils, tables and tablet accessories, made just for the way a musician functions?

You can have that! With the The Happy Musician GEAR

I have developed a line of customizable accessories to help musicians boost their productivity while still being classy, practical, and professional.

After 20 years of being a musician, traveling near and far with instruments, and after working with other musicians and watching their struggles; I have been keeping notes. I have spent years looking for the perfect items to help me perform music, teach music, and make music. To my disappointment there was not much out there, and what is available is very expensive or very cheap.


I have rebuilt and altered many products (I can get through Ikea, Lowe's, & Home Depot in record time now). After years and months of building prototypes It's time to bring my creations to the public.

I have designed a whole line of products to help ALL musicians (and nonmusicians).These accessories are practical economical and versatile; it will truly make musicians (and nonmusicians) very happy.

I have decided to raise funds right here on my own. 


My first round of prototypes are done and now I need to get it to Professional design production. Graphic designers. This is where you come in. Your donation will help me raise the funds to get professional prototypes completed and to production. 


Thank for you support.

Your Happy Musician 

Happy Gear

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