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Happy Resolutions

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

A New Year is just about here

This is usually when I think about my health, family, friends, and how I can be happier in the new year.

I have 5 Resolutions to help you be happy musicians in the new year.

  1. Make some healthy changes: let's face it being a musician can be stressful. Stress is very hard on our mind and body. Check out Pinterest for healthy road snacks, breathing and stretching exercises. Most of us don't have paid sick days so this year take care of your most important instrument, your body.

  2. If you don't already; commit to so many hours of your own practice time a week: We musicians spend a lot of time playing music for others. Thats our job, to breath life into concerts and shows. But with all the performances our technique can take a hit; commit some time to reconditioning.

  3. Review your Contract and Value every 3-6 months: How's it working for ya? (in my best Dr. Phil voice) Is your contract offering the best protection for you and your clients? Feel free to look at mine: LarkHarpContract

  • Is it time to raise your fees? I suggest raising fees in $25-$75 increments for your hourly rate It won't scare off returning clients or new ones. Some musicians have a corporate rate do you?

  • What type of Gigs/Performances do you want? We all need to pay our bills but there is nothing wrong with setting a personal standard and focus. In fact it can protect you from burnout and musician’s remorse.

  1. Refresh Your Website 7-10 days: Your website is the first thing people see nowadays. Make sure it is user friendly,mobile friendly and up to date? What can you do to make people's first impression a good one?

  2. Resolve to be Happy, don't worry: You are doing what you love and you should be enjoying yourself. Have self check ins; remind yourself why you do this (even if the Why changes). Worrying never solves anything, especially not for musicians. I usually Ask myself “Why am I worried and what action can I take?” Answering these questions usually dissipates my fears quite quickly. Work with people that make you happy; happy musicians are human magnets.

I hope these resolutions help you in the new year, feel free to share what your resolutions are for the new year.

Your Happy Musician

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