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Accept Your Unique Story and Grow

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

The Happy Musician Coaching


One thing about musicians is that we all have a story. It almost seems like a prerequisite to being a musician. I've learned that no matter how sad, bad, or crazy our story is there are hidden gifts of growth.

Here are some ways you can recognize those gifts of growth.

Remember your story, is yours. If you spend time comparing your story to others, it will be very hard to see what you have gained from it.

Accept responsibility for the part you played. When you accept responsibility it allows you to be open and vulnerable. When you are open and vulnerable you see things more clearly.

Forgive yourself. forgiving of one's self allows you to forgive others. Forgive yourself for the negative part you played in your story., so you can ditch bitterness, and reap the benefits of what you learned.

Your story is not over. You can have a happy ending! Take stock of the skills you have acquired, (believe me there is at least one). Think about how they are helping you now and what can you do to build on them.

No matter what your story is, there is something to be gained.

Sometimes we have to inspire and encourage ourselves, through our personal narrative. And we start with what we know.

Candace Lark

Musician, Coach, Educator


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