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Be Vulnerable

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Happy Musician Strategy



Be Vulnerable

Being vulnerable can be a superpower. Showing your fears, insecurities, passion, and true self is freeing.



This is a tough one, I know because it's something I still struggle with. Being bullied for many years and growing up in a rough neighborhood conditioned me to "show no weakness" I moved through my day thinking "don't give anyone a way to bring you down." It made communicating difficult and it was quite exhausting. It took me a while to understand that to connect and grow, I had to be vulnerable, meaning being my true self.

Sometimes that old mindset pops up, when it does I ask myself at the moment, WHY? The answer always stabilizes my mindset and permits me to let down my guard.

What I've learned by being vulnerable:

  • I can admire and respect people without being a people pleaser

  • I have greater empathy and understanding.

  • I've cultivated deep and beneficial relationships.

  • Being vulnerable has amped up my resilience.

You would think being Vulnerable and being a musician are one and the same, and you're right, knowing and actually being are two different things. Ultimately, welcoming vulnerability (being your true self) will allow you to be a genuinely happy musician.


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