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Change Your Words

Happy Musician Strategy



Change the words you say to yourself. The next time you pick up a challenging piece or encounter a situation out of your comfort zone:

  • Instead of "I can't" say "I choose not to"

  • Instead of "I could never" say " not at this time"

  • Feel free to create your own replacement phrase.



Saying I cant is actually mentally restrictive. Using these words is like slamming the door shut on your potential. When you say “I can’t,” you set off a number of responses in your brain that reinforce the idea, and make you susceptible to even more negativity. The amygdala, which is the command center for our emotions and motivations, uses about two-thirds of its neurons to detect negative experiences, and when it does that, information gets stored in our long-term memory. You will have to consciously work harder to get rid the "cants" but the benefits are so worth it.


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