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Develop A Positive Habit

Happy Musician Strategy



Pick a positive habit you think could make an impact upon your happiness and musical development.

  • The habit I would like to develop is: ______

  • Instead of thinking of ALL that you have to do start the habit, just think about the first thing you have to do and focus only on doing that. Even if it's as simple as just putting a piece of music on your stand.



A certain amount of activation energy (the spark you need to start) is necessary to create a change. We procrastinate because our brains magnify how much energy we need to start the task. If you increase the activation energy by about 20 seconds, you tilt the path of least resistance away from negative habits. If you decrease the activation energy by 20 seconds, you dramatically increase your ability to start and keep a positive habit.

When there are too many hurdles in place, and when our motivation isn’t sufficient to overcome those hurdles, we’ll choose something easier to do. Remove the obstacles you need to just to get started.


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