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Strategy- Continue to Build

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Happy Musician Strategies: Small but significant actions to help you thrive


Continue building a good habit:

  • Have a backup plan: make a REDIRECT list of alternative ways to deal with a bad performance, or bad practice, or just a bad day.

  • This list should be short and in a place you can easily locate it.



When we feel down or stressed is when we slip back into old habits. It's usually because we're too overwhelmed to continue with something that hasn't become comfortable yet. Making a list ahead of time keeps you on the path to building that good habit when times get tough.

For example, my positive habit is marrying yoga with my practice time

Heres my good habit list:

  • Prep yoga space

  • Complete 15-20 mins

  • Adjust practice time

This list will redirect me when in times that I need it. Even though I may not complete my full 40mins Yoga session before practice, I'm not completely derailed from building my good habit. Remember this list is temporary, once this habit is established you wont need it.


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