Candace Lark

The Happy Musician Strategies

Teaching musicians strategies to cultivate a growth mindset,

for artistic and professional success.


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What is Mindset Coaching?

The definition

A mindset coach focuses on rewiring your mindset, allowing you to be the musician YOU want to be and helps you realize your potential. A mindset coach typically avoids directly giving advice or solving problems. Instead, they focus on asking questions to help you identify and solve problems on your own.

Who do I coach?

  • Musicians in college, university, or conservatory, who are starting their career.​​


  • Musicians returning to their instrument with a specific goal(s) to meet.


  • Musicians re-inventing their careers.


  • Musicians working to meet a short-term goal.


  • Musicians who have plateaued and are in need of a Mindset reset to move forward.

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How I help musicians

I help you do the following:

Gain Self Awareness: