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I'm a happily married harpist  living in Montgomery County Pa. with our dog Benjamin. I was born in raised in Philadelphia though and will always be a"philly girl"


I run Lark Music LLC along with my sister. We teach Piano, Harp, Voice, Trumpet. and Entrepreneurial skills to aspiring musicians. My sister and I perform as 2Larks, we are on a hiatus right now while we concentrate on Lark Music


I also get to work along my former (I'm still learning so much from her) Harp teacher Anne Sullivan  giving Harp Mastery workshops every summer. I also teach Harp at Baldwin Conservatory of Music in Bryn Mawr, Pa..


My goal of this blog is to share advice, tips and stories to help you be a truly Happy musician. I believe a happy musician is a successful musician. I encourage you to share your thoughts and opinions, we all have a story. I look forward to getting to know you.


If you like my blog I can even come and talk to you and other musicians in person about being a happy musician.


 Want my professional help?

Meet my Editor and friend

(yes my blog has an editor trust me I need her)


Lechelle Barron


She is a freelance journalist specializing in issues that affect the Afro-Hispanic community in the United States and in Latin America.


She speaks fluent spanish and keeps me from being a literary nightmare.


Learn more about her here


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