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Happy Holidays!

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Well, It's that time of year. Holiday concert season, rehearsals, last-minute bookings, and winter weather. Well, it was.

But we don't mind, do we?

Well... when the rehearsals run over, and the last-minute booking wants to pay a lower price, and it starts snowing...we mind.

So how do you stay a happy musician during the holidays?

Tis the season for gratitude: It's really hard I know. There is always something to be grateful for.

Tis the season to share: You are sharing your talent and enriching peoples live more then they will ever know. Remember that and let it fill you with joy.

Tis the season to know your value: One way to stay happy is stick to your asking fee as much as possible. After you have worked hard and given your all, that tiny check will put a real damper on the performance high. You are worth it.

Tis the season to connect: maybe you're performing with old friends or new ones. Your art connects you, but make a point to connect emotionally. The same applies if going solo, When your happiness shines through you become a magnet. Be unforgettable. You will be real happy when you have so many gigs you can't keep up.

Tis the Season to be safe: The weather is bad but you really need to get the gig/performance Use your good judgment. If your gut is saying this isn't a good idea, stay put and stay safe. You will live to play another day. Also having a good weather clause in your contract will let you feel Happy about staying home. (That's another blog)

Happy Holidays!

From Your Happy Musician

Updated -2020

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