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Musicians & Heroes

Updated: Oct 19, 2021


Years ago, I was a preschool teacher, there were many times, I had to change my clothes at school for performances. I had to go to play in a concert right after school. So, I left class to get dressed. Upon my return, a student says “Miss Candace are you a superhero!” another student says “no she’s a teacher!” “Yes, she is!" "She's a teacher with us, and then she puts on her superhero stuff and goes to a top-secret place an an an [not a typo] her heart (harp) is her secret weapon!” Then stuck his tongue out at the other student. Surprisingly there was no additional argument from the other student.

My student viewing me as some kind of superhero got me thinking. Maybe he's on to something? I thought about this and came up with a list of superhero similarities.

Superhero Similarities List

  1. We've all pulled a “Clark Kent”. (hopefully not in a telephone booth.)

  2. We're called at a moment's notice to swoop in and save the day

  3. Music saves lives

  4. In the midst of war, musicians bring peace.

  5. Musicians have the ability to control the masses.

  6. OK, we don't have a pimped-out Batmobile buuuuut, we do alter our vehicles for our gear.

  7. Many of us have sidekicks (Hi sis! Hi Hubby!)

  8. Our instruments wield powerful invisible rays that affect people's minds, body and souls (too much?)

  9. We must always be in a state of readiness.

  10. Musicians join forces for a common goal.

  11. We have superhuman abilities to think fast, strategize, and regulate our emotions. Right?

  12. What musician doesn't have their own The Fortress of Solitude?

My student calling me a superhero shook me out of a haze, and reminded me that being a musician is something very special. I want to remind you that what you do is important and necessary. No matter what type of musician you are, whether you're a professional or not your purpose is a necessary part of existence. When you're feeling a little low and superheroes at times do; remind yourself that to someone(s), you are a hero.

To me, you are all superheroes.

- Candace

Music, the greatest good that mortals know, And all of heaven we have below.

-Joseph Addison


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