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10 Ways to be a Happy Musician

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

10 things you can do this week to be a Happy musician

  1. Wake up Earlier: Set your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier than the last week. Do this for at least 6 weeks in a row.

  2. Exercise: Do 15 minutes of Cardio or 30 minutes of Yoga. Why not do both!

  3. Journal: Write down what you're grateful for and what makes you happy.

  4. Make an Action Plan: Before you go to bed write down what you want to accomplish the next day.

  5. Set Goals: write down one long term goal (with a deadline) and 3 short term goals to help you reach that goal.

  6. Schedule Practice Sessions: Practice in 25 minute increments. (Ex practice 25mins, 10 -15 minute break, return for 25-30mins than 10-15min break and so on).

  7. Have a Plan: write down what music you will practice, how much you will practice, and specific parts that need practice.

  8. Prep a Meal: Have a long performance? Pack yourself healthy energizing snacks with lots of water. Bonus: add some mint and basil to your water they are natural electrolytes and boost energy.

  9. Admire Don’t Compare: don't compare yourself to other musicians, just don't. There is nothing wrong with admiration though.

  10. Be Present: be present in your practice, be present in your performance. This will connect you to your music and your audience.

What do you do to be a happy musician?

Your happy Musician


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