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6 Steps To Meet Your Goal

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Being a successful musician means you must set goals From what piece you are working on, to upgrading your instrument. But do you know HOW to set goals?

"It is better to set goals and have direction than not to have goals and wander around in confusion" - Zig Ziglar

Musicians have so many paths they can take these days. It is so tempting to try everything and spread ourselves thin, While I think it's necessary to diversify your musical experience, I think it's also important to keep your goals in the forefront of your mind.

To be successful in any area, you must set goals

Below are six steps to meeting goals that I use.

1. What is your goal: If you don't know what your goal is you won't accomplish it. When you know, write it down in detail. Make sure your goal isn't general, it should be specific. For Example, I will memorize the Debussy suite and perform it in public in 3 months.

2. What's in it for me?: what will you gain upon reaching your goal? Knowing this will motivate you all the more.

The next step is the reality check and not my favorite part, but it's a must. When I have tried to skip this step, I was always blindsided by something and completely derailed. DONT SKIP THE NEXT STEP.

3. List Potential Obstacles: think about what could slow you down or keep you from meeting your goal. Are you setting this goal again? What stopped you last time? Knowing the potential pitfalls can help you avoid them or at least be prepared for them, so you're not completely derailed.

4. What do you need?: Knowledge is power. List the tools and/or education you're going to need to accomplish the goal. Do you need your instrument repaired? Should you consult with the composer? Do you need an experienced coach? Knowing what you need is crucial for meeting your goal.

5. Write your Action Plan: this is essential, your action plan is the GPS to your goal. Writing down how you will reach the goal is what's going to get you there. Take your time and think about the details, pull from steps one through four. This action usually takes the longest but is the most rewarding.

6.) Set a Deadline or Period of Focus: Yes you have to do this. Setting a deadline makes it tangible. Set a realistic deadline (but not too comfortable) and put it on your calendar.

- If you're not able to set a concrete deadline then schedule periods of focus, so you are actively moving towards the end goal. For Example, master three new blues chords every two weeks and see how many I can master.

Setting a deadline or period of focus makes you accountable.

"The paths you travel in life are selected and determined by the goals you set in each area of your life"

- Zig Ziglar

Use these six steps to meet your musical goals, and I know you will be a happy musician.

Your Happy Musician

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