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4 Reasons Musicians Need Vision

I have been told, and read, and seen it a hundred times. YOU NEED TO HAVE A VISION. I agreed, but I didn't understand what that meant and why it was so important.

I'll be honest, I took my good old time trying to figure it out, partly because I thought there was something I was supposed to know and felt a little embarrassed, and partly because I didn't realize it was as crucial as everybody was making it seem.

I was wrong, dead wrong. Having a vision is not only important its necessary for success. I learned that having a vision is two-fold; it brings you success and it fuels happiness. I was doing a lot, but I wasn't happy, all that I was doing wasn't leading to anything because I didn't have a clear vision. When I finally understood what VISION is, that's when things started to come together for me. Below is what I learned, about vision and why it's necessary.

Read: The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul

by Danielle LaPorte

What is vision? Vision is a clear, specific, slightly out of reach, yet realistic view of a goal. It's so real that you can almost taste it and feel it. It's not a dreamy blur of what if, or could be. It's a finished picture of what you are working to achieve. It's a bright, crisp picture you see every day. A vision is a picture of exactly what you want, why you want it and when you want it to happen.

Now that we know what vision is let's talk about why you need vision:

  1. Vision breaks through limitations: Having a real vision enables you to blow past what other people think your limitations are. When you share your vision, there will be push-back and naysayers, yourself included. But, when you see something so clearly that it is a reality for you, limitations will be gentle little speed bumps on the way to your goal.

  2. Vision gives you an Identity: Who are you? What do you stand for? Why are you doing this? The answers to these questions are (and should be) in your vision. Before I understood this, I was being and doing what everyone told me. My vision reminded me of my Who, What, and Why. (read Adversity Advantage)

  3. Vision is the GPS to your Goal: Everytime you make a decision, check your vision. Ask yourself, is what you're doing inline with your end goal? Is this taking you off your desired path? Is the decision opening up a better way to get your end goal? Will this make me happy? (read Opportunity or Not) If you don't know exactly where you’re going, how will you get there?

  4. Vision Lets you see into the future: Vision is a view of your desired future. The challenge is to be able to project yourself into a future that you have little or no reference point. If you are poor, it's difficult to envision yourself as wealthy. You can imagine it but, it's difficult to envision it. Your Vision takes what you imagine for the future and makes it real and attainable. For example, I imagined myself helping other musicians be happy, but until I envisioned it my progress was almost nonexistent.

"You need desire to be fully alive and you need vision to fulfill your desires."

~Danielle LaPorte

Any musician can have vision, you don't have to be down on your luck, struggling, or in a bad place. Vision is something you get over and over. Once you have met your goal, another vision will appear, then another, and so on. The key is to HAVE a vision.

I am currently writing The Happy Musician Course; It will have a significant concentration on vision. I will give actual steps you can take to realize your vision.

Feel free to share you vision, there is no vision to big or to small.

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