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3 Ways to be an Energizing Musician

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

What makes some musicians seem like magnets? Like they always seem to be the center of attention. They walk into a room and everyone lights up; what is that?

Maybe those Musicians are energizers.

First, what is an energizer? An energizer is someone that is a realistic optimist that communicates a compelling vision. Energizers always show respect (even to those that may not deserve it.) They have faith in people's abilities to achieve their goals, and they are focused on recognizing opportunities. When it comes to participating in other's contributions, energizers are there to offer encouragement and guidance. When you interact with an energizer, they make you feel as though you have their full and undivided attention.

Researchers have found that "energizers" literally change the energy of the person or group they are interacting with. They have this ability to leave a person and/or group energized to do better and be better.

I know energizers, I love spending time with them, in fact when I need a little boost, I will seek them out. They're like a big boost of Vitamin B.

It may seem that some people are born energizers, but the truth is anyone can be an energizer, that includes you. Below are three ways my energizers energize me, give them a try.

1. Ditch the Dawdle: Energizers don't hesitate and familiarize themselves with all the reasons why something can't be done. They happily start where they are with what they have and deal with the issues as they come. 2. Practice being a good listener: remember energizers make you feel like you have their complete attention, they're not faking it, they are truly listening. We all feel good when we think someone is truly listening and interested in us. 3. Think Positive: yeah we have heard it a thousand times but, energizers not only think positive for themselves, they think positive for others. They remind people that the sky is the limit. Unlimited potential is a phrase to remember if you're going to be an energizer.

Bonus: Energizing Musicians are happier, live longer, and are more likely to be granted leadership roles. They also make 30-35% more money than non-energizers. (how nice is that?) If you know an energizer, observe them and be sure to take mental notes. What are you waiting for? Start practicing!

Can you think of other ways to be an Energizer?

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