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Face 2 fears

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Face 2 fears

Fear 1 - If I accept the musician I am, I will keep doing negative things.

Fear 2 - If I accept the musician I am, I will stop doing positive things.


Facing the Fears:

Fear 1 - If you struggle with this, I want you to know that loving yourself as the musician that you are doesn't keep you from growing or progressing as a musician.

Being harsh on oneself does not promote growth, in fact, it does the opposite, it's suffocating. Self-love drives out fear and negativity, self-love will be the light when you struggle.

Fear 2 - Musicians dealing with this fear believe acceptance means settling for mediocrity, these musicians also believe that being harsh on oneself is an important component to success. If you deal with this fear, Please understand that self cultivates growth so much more than self-hatred.

These fears are 2 sides of the same coin and self-love is the way to face both.

Accepting the positives and negatives of one's self is difficult and scary but, the end result is freedom and happiness. Freedom to grow as a musician and happiness that fuels the energy to home one's skills. Remember, being a musician is a process, like a doctor or a lawyer it's a practice that is forever evolving. Reminding yourself this as you face your fears and grow, will make it much easier.


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