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Five Ways to Recognize Positive People in Your Life

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

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Five Ways to Recognize Positive People in Your Life

The title of this blog is how to recognize positive people. I really want to say beneficial people, but aren't positive people beneficial?

Positive in this blog relative to you. Positive doesn't mean they are always happy go lucky and looking on the bright side. Positive People mean having these people in your life enriches it. These people encourage you to love yourself, yet make you want to be a better you just by their presence.

Having the ability to recognize positive people in your life is as important as recognizing negative people in your life. It helps us prioritize how to invest in relationships, and allows us to be proactive in our mental and emotional health.


1.) If you know someone that can compartmentalize well, meaning they have the ability to isolate emotions, think logically and practically. For example; If you just had a heated argument with someone and you have a performance to do together; they have the ability to step on stage, focus on the performance, and work well with you.

2.) Positive people reap the benefits of their gratitude. Look for people in your life who are truly grateful and the universe seems to reward them over and over for it. They don't have conditions for their happiness. They are flexible in their approach to life, yet still, hold themselves to a standard.

3.) Look for people that seem to have no fear. Positive people may be afraid but fear of failure is not a deterrent. They recognize that failure is a chance to learn and do it again better. Look for the people in your life that define resilience.

4.) I know we all have encountered and have the person who seems a breeze to talk to. Positive people are great conversationalists. They are not directed by ego. They thrive on creative informative conversation. Which means they are a good listener. It is also quite difficult to trigger or goad positive people into negative and heated exchanges.

5.) Look for the people in your life that have a small group of close friends. Positive people limit interactions with those who are toxic in any manner. They protect themselves from mental exhaustion, they relish their alone time. Many positive people are mistaken as introverts.

How about you? How many of these 5 traits of positive people do you personally find in yourself?

These are 5 general traits, but there may be traits more personal to you that link you with positive people in your life. Take time to recognize and cultivate the relationship with those people

Candace Lark

Musician, Coach, Educator


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