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Happy Musician Gift Guide

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Musicians always need something, from electronics to instrument care. So I scoured the internet and my own studio and came with a little gift guide. Don't worry I've included fun stuff too'

The Musicians Way: This is a great book especially since we have so much more time to practice now. This book is broken into three sections: Section one focuses on how to build a productive practice routine and memorize. Section two is all about live performance and bringing the best energy to each show. For those giving virtual performance everything in here still applies. Section three is about doing both of those things for a long time, both from a physical perspective and a creative one.


The Emart Ring Light: I love this baby, This colossal light has all the bells and whistles, but its super light, easy to travel with, and pack away. My house is bright, it contends very well with the sunlight. Anytime you want to record, broadcast, or use zoom, your lighting will be on point.


Upcycled Record Coasters: Made of labels cut from the center of actual vinyl records, these hi-fi home furnishings will be a hit with any music lover. The discs are sealed so moisture won't seep through to the surface. Comes in a set of six assorted labels packed in a clear, round case. Designed by Jeff Davis. Handmade in Philadelphia.


Tablet tripod: This fits my Windows surface, and I pad Pro and standard size tablets. This little guy is durable and super telescoping. Mine is in constant use. I have to say it's very durable.


Samson Go Mic: This little guy is great for zoom calls and recording. I also appreciate the quality of sound when I'm outside. Bonus it is attached to a very strong clip. I clip it to my music stand and my laptop.


Periodic Table of Hip Hop: Class is in session for our latest lesson on the essential elements of hip-hop! Produced in conjunction with A3C, hip-hop's biggest stage, this tabular arrangement of eminent MCs catalogs 223 naturally occurring, never-word-slurring artists in all, from N(as) and (Dr) Dre to (Mf) Doom and (A$)AP Rocky to (D)rake and Snoop D-O-(gg).


Miroco Cool Mist Humidifier: Some musicians need humidifiers. Especially if we live in a dry climate. I like the compact design of this guy. I don't have a large studio and not only does fit perfectly but it has a sweet night light. I do have to fill it every 2 days but you can upgrade the 2 gallon, and you can go as long as 4 days before it needs a refill.


Musicians Dice: The Musician’s Dice are a creative tool that can be used in any number of ways: they bring the element of chance into the musical process. They can be used in composing or as a basis for improvisation. They also make an effective study tool: they can be used as “musical flashcards” when learning harmony, and their randomness makes for fresh and challenging exercise in sight-singing and ear training.


Purpose in Practice Journal: is a six-month daily practice journal designed to help musicians grow and improve in the practice room. Appropriate for any musician at any level, this book is equipped with inspirational quotes and weekly practice tips to stay motivated.

This journal is sure to improve any musician’s practice time, push them towards reaching their musical ambitions, and create tangible proof of their unique journey and growth as a musician.

The Happy Musician Gift Guide
Download PDF • 63KB

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

- Candace

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