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I Missed A Step

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Last week while I was busy closing up shop for the day I took a spill and tore some tendons in my foot and fractured my big toe. I'm ok, my left foot will just be on hiatus for the next four to six weeks.

Of course, this happened days before one of the busiest weeks I had since the pandemic. I had a lot to do and had a moment of panic as I watched my work-life pass before my eyes. After the initial shock (and some painkillers) I realized that I needed to breathe and make some changes. So I did four important things, and I wanted to share them with you.

The first thing I had to do was accept that some things are just not going to get done and prioritize. That alleviated a tone of stress right away. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you accept what's not going to get accomplished. Now, it's not that certain things won't ever get accomplished, I just needed to alter my timeline. Unfortunately one of those things that didn't get accomplished was my vlogcast. Obviously disappointing because I truly enjoy it but, it's temporary, and I get to write this blog.

The next was to delegate, I lucked out with this one because my husband and family pretty much told me what they were going to do and what I wasn't going to do, and that I didn't have any choice in the matter. I'm glad (shhh don't tell them) because I'm not the best at delegating. It's a skill I'm still working on and will master.

The last was Rest. If I want to heal quickly and chuck these crutches. I have to prioritize rest. I have to admit this is the hardest. Rest includes staying in one place for most of the day with my foot elevated. I'm kinda proud of how creative I've got with my prison; I mean my workspace.

I also had to communicate a lot more than usual. I had to tell my husband what I needed and communicate my plans for the day so he could assist me. let alone various emails concerning the happy musician. Most importantly I talked about the concerns I had concerning my injury, and what to do if this or something worse happens. Talking about them led to some great ideas to implement in the future.

The most important thing is, I took care of myself.

We all respond differently when injured, some of us with anger, sadness, denial, or even paranoia. One thing is clear how we respond to injuries affects how we heal and how well we cope. I read an article by Art Markman about how physical pain is more easily forgotten than emotional pain. But when bodily issues turn into emotional ones, they become stamped in our psyches. It's important to stay aware of your feelings and try not to get caught up in your own head.

Having an injury as a musician is scary, it can be very emotional. Remember your injury doesn't define you. But how you cope is very important. If you accept, delegate, rest, and communicate, it will make dealing with an injury so much easier.

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