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Identify with yourself

Happy Musician Strategy



Identify with yourself

Remind yourself that your failure(s) are not your identity and neither is your success.



You are in a constant process, you will stumble, fall and even fail. The challenge is moving through failures and stumbling blocks as an observer. Think of mistakes and failures as a decision you made while doing the best you could at the time.

This is quite tricky for musicians because most of us believe being a musician is our identity, therefore when there is a mistake or failure, it cuts deep. Think of being a musician like 2 intertwined ribbons. identity and music although interwined are still separate. One does not become the other.

When you make a mistake or fail, analyze without personal persecution. Analyzing this way leads to understanding. When you get it, you will have the unwavering determination to try again and move forward.

Remember; you are not the sum of your failures and successes. You exist beyond them


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