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Practice, "Confidility"

Updated: Jul 21, 2021



  • Redefine humility and confidence and practice it.


First, Let's get some clarity on Humility and confidence.

Humility: Humble people allow others to speak into their lives, giving their open, honest opinions. Humble people are able to have a dialogue about constructive criticism and take it in, and move forward.

Confidence: to trust in, be sure of, to have faith in oneself. Confidence many times mistaken for pride, is being aware of one's potential, and having a desire to live up to it.

It's imperative for Musicians to have both, hence; "Confidility"

Practicing Confidility means being open-minded to what other musicians have to offer and being grateful to receive it. While believing with focus and hard work you have the potential to be just as wonderful as those same musicians.


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