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Prime Your Soil

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Strategy Replay


For any plant to grow successfully you must prepare the soil for growth. You should weed and enrich the soil. Growth is important but, in order to sustain what you're growing, your mind needs to be primed.

So how do you prepare?



  • Prime your mind with great books. Books are a powerful way to fill your mind with possibility, as well as to turn insights into actions, and how to turn dreams into strategies and realities.

  • Prime your mind with great people. You can inspire yourself with inspiring people.

  • Once you’re done, look at what you’ve written. Utilize this visual to take action on the items you’ve written.

  • Build a vision board. A great way to prime your mind is to imagine your desired future state. Use pictures. Find the images that represent the kind of life you want to live. The key here is to find the images that make you come alive in an authentic way.


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