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Vlogcast Ep. 1 Guest Dr. Valerie Gay

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

My Guest for the very first happy musician vlog-cast is Dr. Valerie Gay, In this Episode, Dr. Gay and I talk about her newest venture, Soul-Full Affirmations, and how she.keeps happiness in her art.

Valerie V. Gay is a Certified Financial Planner, non-profit administrator, performing artist, and thought leader. She possesses a unique blend of executive leadership and financial expertise, paired with extensive program development. Val is deputy director and chief experience officer for the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia. A serial entrepreneur since, 2006 Val founded Fortress Arts Academy which provides arts and skill-building lessons to children and adults, especially those in underserved communities, co-founded Syncopate Advisors, Davis Gay + Associates a firm which provides targeted support for nonprofit and social venture organizations that seek to solve societal problems, and the EVER Ensemble, a collective of women musicians who perform diverse musical genres, from classical to hip hop. Her most recent venture is the launch of Soul-Full Affirmations, which sets the client’s personalized affirmations to original music that has been infused with tones that have been scientifically proven to aid in physical and emotional healing. 


What She's Reading

📖 How to Be an Antiracist (Ibram X. Kendi)

📖 Tiny Habits (BJ Fogg)

📖 Frederick Douglass (David W. Blight)

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