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Vlogcast Ep. 5 Elizabeth Webb

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

My Guest for this vlog-cast is Elizabeth Webb. In this episode, Elizabeth and Discuss her life living on the road and how sharing the harp during her travels bring her happiness.

Elizabeth Webb is a professional harpist, composer, author, and instructor who has been performing and teaching harp for over 25 years. With degrees in both music performance and teaching, she is able to tailor lessons to any student’s needs and abilities, regardless of age or level. Elizabeth has been developing her own beginning harp curriculum over the past 5 years and is now producing a hybrid program for learning the harp through a combination of prerecorded videos and one-on-one video chat sessions. Elizabeth enjoys putting on harp workshops with harpists like Deborah Henson-Conant, Therese Honey, and Kimberly DeRosa. Elizabeth is active in the harp community, including running the Facebook group HarpStrategies, serving on the board of local harp chapters, creating websites for harp groups, organizing fundraisers for harp scholarships, directing harp ensembles, and writing articles for harp magazines, as well as being a proofreader for Harp Column Magazine since 2017. Wishing to make the harp journey easier for others, in 2019 Elizabeth launched, an online community containing lessons for every harpist, including templates and video demonstrations to help harpists market themselves, teach harp, create sheet music, and better their craft.

In 2020 Elizabeth and her husband Joshua decided to leave their life in Houston, Texas and hit the road. They sold most of their possessions, rented out Elizabeth's harps, bought a 5th wheel, truck, and carbon fiber lever harp, and are now traveling the country with their 2 dogs. Elizabeth now gives harp playing workshops, Harpli business workshops, and house concerts along their travel route. You can see Elizabeth's travel plans and request a workshop or concert in your area at


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