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Vlogcast Ep. 6 Thee Phantom & The Pheonix

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

I have two guests for this Vlogcast! Jeffery, and Andrea, Thee Phantom & The Pheonix and I discussed their groundbreaking Ill-harmonic orchestra, and how the orchestra's raw mix of Hip hop and Classical music opened up a world of opportunities.

Thee Phantom wrote his first rhyme at the age of 8 and made his first beat by mixing the instrumental from the Beastie Boys’ Paul Revere with Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony at age 12. The particular movement of Beethoven's 5th entitled, "Destiny", would prove to be both ironic and foretelling for the young musician.

In 2002, Phantom became the first Hip-Hop artist to perform at Philadelphia’s prestigious Kimmel Center with musical accompaniment from members of the world-renowned Philadelphia Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia. Phantom has since formed his own ensemble, dubbed The Illharmonic Orchestra, and has toured the United States and Japan.

On November 1, 2015, Thee Phantom backed by his own 25 piece ensemble, took to the stage at the famed Carnegie Hall, becoming just the 3rd Hip-Hop Artist to headline his own show at the esteemed venue.

The Phoenix: is a native of Queens, New York. She grew up immersed in the arts and found a strong appreciation for all genres of music at an early age. As a youth, she studied flute, piano, dance, and sang in her high school choir. She attended Drexel University in Philadelphia, where she majored in dance, but always kept her passion for music, specifically singing on the back burner.

Phoenix has toured Nationally and Internationally as a vocalist and MC and is featured on Phantom’s albums, “Hero Complex”, “Making Of An Underdog” and “Maniac Maestro”.

With an eye toward helping others reach their dreams, Phoenix and Phantom have raised over $10,000 for the VH1 Save the Music Foundation.


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📖 Sweat the Technique, Revelations on Creativity by Lyrical Genius Rakim


📖 Becoming by Michelle Obama

📖 Next Chapter, It's Never Too Late to Transform Your Life by Pegi Ivery Brown

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