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You're Hard Headed

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

You're Hard Headed - The Happy Musician

I'm sure we have all said it, and we have all heard it. "you're hard-headed." When we use this phrase, we are expressing that someone is stubborn and doesn't want to change.

Don't tell your parents, but this phrase has scientific basses. Scientist have found that people that suffer from depression or have anger management problems have less malleable brains than people who don't. In lamens terms, they have hard heads, well brains to be more specific.

"...mere thought could change our brain structure." Dalai Lama

Psychological studies have proved when we are happy, we are smarter, more motivated, and our brain is more malleable. When we are smarter, motivated, and open-minded, we're more successful. Therefore — success orbits around happiness. Happiness does not orbit around success.

This brings to mind a study I read about Catholic nuns of Notre Dame. The Nuns diaries where read and studied over a 65year span. 90 percent of the nuns that exhibited high levels of happiness in their 20's where still alive and in good health 65 years later. Whereas only 30 percent of the nuns that showed low levels of happiness were still alive, and most of them in poor health. Happiness affects your health which keeps us working longer harder, and faster. Happiness actually gives you a chemical edge to success. Our brains are litteraly hard wired to perform when postivie.

But how do we train our brains to be happy enough to breed success?

Incorpate gratitude daily: Write down three things your grateful for every day. If you cant write, take 15 minutes to think about three things purposely.

Engage in Random Acts of kindness daily: Write a 2-minute positive email thanking a friend or colleague, or compliment someone you admire on social media.

Play Music daily: Play a piece on your instrument, and/or on the radio that makes you feel good. The intense flood of dopamine will last for hours.

Exercise: do 15 minutes of cardio daily it also releases dopamine. "the happy chemical? Let's be honest; it's just good for you.

Happiness has a direct effect on our energy level, motivation, and ability to absorb information. Its important to remember that happiness is a habit that should be practiced for success.

What are other things you can do to train your brain to be happy?

Get Happy, Be Happy, Stay Happy


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