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Oops! There's Someone Else

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

So this holiday my "Happy Musician" persona was put to the test.

Here's what happened...

I was contracted by an Orchestra at the last minute (that was ok). I requested more pay and they obliged

I arrived for the only rehearsal I would have. I have to say everyone was very nice, accommodating, and very funny (true Happy Musicians). the next day I practiced and smoothed out the rough edges and deemed myself ready: I was excited about the concert.

That is until I checked my email...

In the email was an apology saying there was a mix up, and there is another harpist and due to the long history with Orchestra we have decided to use the other harpist. We will be compensating you for your time. (paraphrased). Waa waa went the muted trumpet.

In the race to find another harpist, 2 people were sent on a mission and they both found a harpist. Go figure

I had a choice to make. I chose to be Happy. I called and said "its OK I understand."

Now wait:

  • I did attend rehearsal,

  • I went home and practiced,

  • and there's half my compensation.

Why didnt I give them a piece of my mind?


  • I really did enjoy myself

  • I connected with so many people

  • I didn't want to burn bridges that haven't been built yet.

  • I respect the harpist history, she worked hard for the spot. (and it wasn't her fault)

  • It was so much easier

  • I did learn fun new music.

  • They also gave me free tickets, the concert was just as wonderful as I thought it would be.

Even us musicians make mistakes during this crazy performance season. So this holiday as we continue to race from gig to gig spreading holiday cheer-

Choose happiness even during a gigpocalypse.

I believe you can always find happiness in music.

Your Happy Musician

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