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Choosing Happiness Part 2

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

This blog is the long awaited sequel to Choosing Happiness Part 1.

In my short 36 years of life I have learned that happiness is a choice, you don't have to suffer in order to be happy, you don't have to wait to be happy, be happy now. You may have to sacrifice but, that sacrifice will bring you happiness. I am also convinced that a musician’s happiness has a greater impact on people then we can measure. Music brings happiness to musician’s, but I think it's equally important to bring happiness to music.

Here are 4 tips from Choosing Happiness Part 1:

  1. Choose to focus on what you have:

  2. You are who you're with:

  3. Smile

  4. Let it go:

Here are 4 more helpful tips I have to help you become a Happy Musician:

1. Choose to be giving: Now I’m not saying give your artistic services away for free, but do something musical that will bring joy to someone. You can give a compliment, give a listening ear, give some musical advice, it can be anything.

2. Choose an attitude of gratitude: We all have dreams and plans may be we are not where we planned to be and that is OK. When you choose to be grateful with the present your future will become brighter. Choose to be grateful with the music you're working on, choose to be grateful with the instrument you have, choose to be grateful with the people you're working with.

3. Choose a path for the future: Even though we are grateful for our present it doesn't mean we can't get excited about the future. Do you have a dream performance or dream instrument, or that one musician you would love to just meet and play with? Make a dream board and start planning, get happy about the path you choose.

4. Choose to be real: Being a musician can be very competitive, we have to be professional, artistic and socially adept. Sometimes in order to stay in good graces and get a good position we may not stay true ourselves, and compromise our integrity and values. Doing this can invite unhappiness for the long term. Also if you did it once you most likely do it again. So when try your best to be real honest with yourself.

I hope these 4 tips help you to be a happy musician, what do you do to be a Happy Musician?

Your Happy Musician

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