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The 4 types of Musicians

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

What type of musician are you?

4 types of Musicians - The Happy Musician

Categorizing musicians helped me to have a better understanding of how best to work with them. Now, of course, there is always a grey area. But It's crucial for you to understand what type of musician you are and what kind of musician you want to be. Knowing this helps you build a clear path to happiness.

One of the beautiful things I have learned about being a musician is that we have the luxury to change and reinvent ourselves and take massive action at any time. It is never too early or too late. But, you have to know what steps to make, you have to know what type of musician you are. So, let's dive in.

1. The Coasting Musician: This musician puts more effort into excuses and justifications as to why they're not where they want to be. The interesting thing about this type of musician is they are very creative an intelligent, unfortunately, they use their creativity and intelligence to stay just where they are instead tacking more action. They have set themselves up very nicely to stay where that at unhappily ever after.

2. The Retreating Musician: This musician works in reverse, to avoid what they think would be negative experiences coming from taking actions. They let the imagined rejection and fear of the responsibility of success chase them away from what they really want. In my experience, this type of musician is quite talented and has much to offer the world but ceases to do so.

3. The Ordinary Musician: This type of musician, does just enough to keep from drowning, and to stay relevant. As long as everything stays copasetic and there are no big storms to weather. But when the going gets tough they turn into the retreating musician.(Read 3 Reason your a happy Musician)

4. The Monumental Musician: This musician takes massive action, so much so that its a norm to them. They have built up great stamina to continually take massive action. They make the most significant investments in their music their skills and their relationships, time and time again. They understand the reward is worth the risk. They admired and highly respected but also told to “slow down,” and called “brave or fearless.” This type of musician often the most financially stable.

So are you Coasting, Retreating, Ordinary, or Monumental? What type of musician do you WANT to be?

In the next Blog I'll discuss how to be the musician you want to be.

Your Happy Musician



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