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A Moment Like This

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

I'm wrapping up lessons with students this week and some of my students share with me what they are doing for Thanksgiving this year.

After one of my students was done sharing their dad popped onto the screen and took the computer and went outside.

He wanted to take a moment to give me his heartfelt thanks. Of course, I said thank you don't mention it, but he really wanted me to know how much it meant to him and his wife that through the pandemic I continued to work with his children. He shared how much of a struggle it's been, and that he believes piano lessons are keeping his kids from regressing.

You see, both the students have special needs, and virtual learning has been particularly difficult for children with special needs. I had to get creative real quick. I was concerned that virtual lessons would not work and that my creativity might not be enough. I'll be honest Lessons did get tough, and I started to feel like I was failing my students.

Listening to this parent go on for 10 mins about how grateful he was, and how happy his kids are playing piano, to the point that they fight over who's going to practice. It was really hard to not get choked up.

Just like I didn't realize how much piano lessons meant to him, He didn't know how much I appreciated what he was sharing with me. In a moment like this, all my concerns and wondering if I was doing enough, melt away. It made me feel good. It made me think I might actually know a little bit about this teaching thing after all. His words also boosted my confidence and have motivated me to keep being creative with lessons. Sharing gratefulness really is a powerful thing.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to tell you I am grateful to you, I'm grateful that you read my blogs, watch my vlogs, and subscribe. I want to help you be the musician you want to be. I'm Thankful that you give me the opportunity to help you do that.

Stay safe, stay well, stay happy, and have a Happy Thanksgiving

- Candace

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