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Big isn't better, it's Necessary

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Who’s afraid of Big? Big can be scary, overwhelming, we have been conditioned to think Big is not always better, Big is overwhelming and too much. Many think Big is reserved for a particular group of people and that Big is going to rob me of time with family and friends and create more stress. Doing it the wrong way it will. Be afraid of not living to your fullest, be afraid of never knowing what you can accomplish.

“Dream big, as big as you can, it's the only way to change the world.”

Successful musicians give themselves permission to think Big and set Big Goals. But how do they meet those Big Goals? They set up yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly realistic, achievable actions, and stick with it.

You see, if you think too small, you may never get anywhere, If you think Big and try to do big all at once you may never get anywhere. But think Big and break it down to small realistic actions and you will go far.

As incredible as this sounds I did struggle with this, I kept letting my (unnecessary) fear and doubt overwhelm me. I fell for the too much stress, too many problems, not enough time farce. I also learned I wasn't planning correctly. So I took a step back, studied and talked to other successful musicians and learned how to think big and build a better plan of action.

“Thinking big isn't the absence of doubt but moving past it.” - Gary Keller

What did I learn about thinking Big

  1. Make a plan: make a practical plan that you can break down into Yearly. Monthly, Weekly, daily, achievable actions. Take note of the words practical and achievable.

  2. Don’t Fear success: with great success comes great responsibility and that can be scary, but don't fear where it will take you. The worst thing that can happen is you make a mistake. You learn from it, fix it and continue to move towards your Big.

  3. Check in Daily: set aside at least 1 hour a day to review your Big goal and if needed, make adjustments to the actions.

  4. Make it you Priority: Either do it or don't. If you want to achieve your Big, then understand that until you reach your big everything else is a distraction. This doesn't mean you don't have a life, it means to stay the course and respect your plan and the investment you're making.

I use these five steps now when I approach new things. I have learned that Big can be better, Big frees me to ask different questions and try new things. So don't be afraid of Big. Be fearful of small ideas, small accomplishments and a small amount of freedom.

Your Happy Musician


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