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How to Have Healthy Motivation

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Coaching Corner


Welcome to coaching corner - a mini blog encouraging discussion about the not-so-musical part of being a musician.


As musicians, we enjoy creating music and mastering a skill. That's wonderful, but, we need to eat, and pay bills, This is where our motivation can get a bit twisted. defines motivation as a condition inside us that desires a change, either in the self or the environment. Our short-term motivation is to learn a piece and skill. Our long-term motivation is to master our instrument and have a good life while doing it.

If motivation is fueled by Fear of missing out, upsetting someone or a group of people, fear, of judgment, or that you're not doing what other musicians are doing. Your motivation is bitterness anger and resentment. This type of motivation is heavy and exhausting. Even if you meet your goal, it's been tainted. The joy you expect to fill will be short-lived if you feel any at all.

Take time to check in and refocus your motivation, it should be fueled by your love of music, the passion to build your skills, and to fulfill your ultimate desire. (Pop into one of the monthly group coaching sessions to dive deeper into this) Practice Focusing on how you would feel instead of what you will have. Ask yourself are doing this for them or for you?

Focusing on positive motivation is going to keep you going and allow for repeated success no matter what your goals are.

What's your motivation?

Candace - Happy Musician Coach


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