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Imposter Syndrome 4

Imposter Syndrome 4 - Happy Musician Strategies


Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

This is the last strategy in this mini-series I hope they have helped you as much as they have helped me.

  • Fourth: Rewrite your script: WHen the imposter feelings start to arise, instead of saying to yourself "wait until they figure me out" say "I may not know all the answers but I am going to figure it out." Instead of saying "they no so much more than me, I'm not good enough" say " everyone here is so informed I'm going to learn so much."



  • Anyone working in an environment that requires them to direct or educate people is susceptible to Imposter Syndrome. People at the highest risk are perfectionists. Psychologists have found the people who reframe their stumbling blocks or failers as a learning experience Have a much lower rate of Imposter syndrome.

When does imposter syndrome strike you?


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