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Moving through Limiting Beliefs Series

Your Mind Is Not To Be Trusted

Make a List- Happy Musician Strategies


  • Think of your thoughts quick forecast. Instead of allowing your thoughts to become your Identity. If you think you're not good a playing a particular piece it doesn't mean you can become an excellent musician.

  • Before you allow a thought to swallow you whole and regurgitate you into something you're not, examine it, and redirect it in your favor.



Jonathan Heston, writer of Unlimited Self says "When we're struggling with limiting beliefs, our emotional high may quickly plummet causing serious internal discord. If we don't dig into the causes of our limiting beliefs, we eventually burn out and give up entirely. The main issue is that most of us think we are our thoughts.

Your mind is not to be trusted because we believe our thoughts originate from our identity. It's important that we learn to live an examined life. when we examine our beliefs and thoughts they can be reconstructed and you can fashion new beliefs."


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