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Moving through Limiting Beliefs Series

The Past, The Vow, The Suppression



  • Ask yourself: "When have I said " I will" or "I will never" as an intense response to a traumatic event, or interaction with a coach, teacher, mentor, parent, or musical authority?

    • Did you thrive or just survive?



Intense moments in our life, create intense emotions that trigger intense responses, in three ways.

  1. A deep-rooted belief is built - Built on stories of what people thought of your failures, and what you thought of other's failures.

  2. A vow is made to never feel this way again - A promise is made out of anger, guilt

  3. The intense emotions and pain are suppressed, but not gone - you expend energy to suppress the emotions, yet they are typically felt throughout our musical career.

The power of the belief is rooted in judgment and negativity instead, of freedom to grow. WHen beliefs are built on traumatic moments, they are strengthened by other people, events, and your own emotions. This makes the beliefs a reality and alters your perception of abilities.

Understanding how limiting beliefs are constructed and how they weaken rather than strengthen is an excellent way of working through them. and cultivating a growth mindset.


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