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Understand Your Fears

Updated: Oct 11, 2021


Start understanding your fears:

  • Start by redefining what your safe place is. When fear rears its heads, disagree with it immediately. Utilize a phrase like "I'm able" or "I think I can". Affirmation is a key tool to reset how your mind works through fears.

  • Also, ask yourself "Is this fear true?" and "What's the worse that can happen?" Asking these questions quiets the flight of fight reaction, and allows you to make an informed decision to move forward.



We all have fears, and it's OK, what's not OK is letting those fears stop you from being the best musician you can be. F.E.A.R. is False Events Appearing Real. Most of what we are afraid of doesn't come to pass. Fear is provoked by emotion, not rational thinking. Stop giving those fear power. Chances are if you fear it you should probably do it.

You don't have to overcome your fears to achieve your goals, it's not a requirement, but you do have to move through them.


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