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Vlogcast Ep. 4 Guest Danton Arlotto

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

My Guest for this vlog-cast is Danton Arlotto. In this episode, Danton and I talk about how less is more during the time of COVID.

Danton “Doc” Arlotto is an award-winning pianist and composer who has been featured in every performance venue known to the music world. Danton earned his Master’s degree in Piano Pedagogy from West Chester University of Pennsylvania in the spring of 2017. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in both Music Theory and Composition and in Music Performance, with a focus in Keyboard, also from West Chester University.

Danton has been a highly active musician since the age of 7. He has experience in virtually every aspect of music-making, whether it is performing on stage for small and large audiences, playing solo and in a band, or doing transcriptions with unparalleled accuracy. Danton's strong work ethic, friendly demeanor, and positive attitude are among his most beloved traits."


What he's Reading

📖 Harry Potter books 1-7 (J.K. Rowling)

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