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What's your EQ?

What's your EQ?

What is EQ or Emotional Intelligence?

Daniel Golman (author of Emotional Intelligence) defines Emotional intelligence as the ability to know what you and those around you are feeling and to handle those feelings accordingly. He goes on to say that “those with high emotional abilities tend to be poised, outgoing and cheerful.

(We’ll refer to Emotional Intelligence as EQ for now)

Your EQ (emotional quotient) is just as important to happiness as your IQ (Intelligence Quotient). But how do you get a high EQ?

First, Why do you need to have a high EQ? Having a high EQ makes you a people magnet. Being able to read people and react in a way that lets them know you understand them at that moment, allows you to leave a long lasting positive effect. I’m sure you can all agree that for musicians that's pretty important. Our music helps us a lot with EQ, we naturally tap into our emotions when expressing music. I think it's important to recognize music as a conduit to increase your EQ. Musicians with a good EQ will have beneficial relationships and be more successful..

To get a Higher EQ you must work on understanding yourself, and set short term goals for personal change. If you want to be more aware of others you need to be more aware of yourself.

This is what I have learned: When you study yourself change happens, change leads to education, education leads to growth and growth leads to awareness. Doing this purposely and repeatedly will lead to a higher EQ.

If you need to work on your EQ remember everyone wants and needs 3 things.

  • Happiness

  • Good Health

  • Financial stability.

Make sure you and who you interact with are getting at least 2 out of three.

Do you think you have a high EQ? tell me why.

Happiness depends upon ourselves.”

― Aristotle

Your Happy Musician


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