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The Adversity Advantage

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

We all face adversity in our lives, I think people in the creative arts experience much more than most, or at least it feels that way.

Adversity doesn't always come from the outside; it can come from within. I have learned happiness is in the ability to use adversity to my advantage.

I read a story about Kyle Maynard Look up this guy up as soon as you get a chance. Kyle was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome these bands constrict the growth of fetal limbs. He was born without arms and legs, talk about adversity. At 11 years old he made his first football tackle. Afterward, he stopped having so many concerns about the what ifs. He realized he could tackle life like he tackled football. He took action and tried as many different ways to meet his goal until he found a way that worked.

At 19 he gave a speech in front of thousands of the world's most successful business owners. Before he was 25, he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro unassisted! He used his external adversity to overcome his internal adversity. He pushed through doubt, fear, and worry and eliminated an attitude of defeat. He used his adversity to create new ways for others to do what he wanted to do. He used his adversity to help him with his goal of being a major world athlete.

Storms make trees take deeper roots. - Dolly Parton

Our mind is the most significant adversity we face when working to create something. (read Musicians Affirmations) There will always be unexpected pit stops and speed bumps on your journey. Instead of getting down on yourself, use it as a chance to be creative, and adjust your roadmap. You will find more happiness and energy finding different ways to help you move forward, then spending time worrying about the what ifs, and how comes.

Enduring adversity makes us stronger it keep us from getting too comfortable.

When you're dealing with adversity, you must think, then take action.. This is easier said than done because no one likes adversity. It's no fun we feel like we failed, and therefore we must not be as good as we thought, but that's not true.

Being a musician is a constant practice (no pun intended). As we evolve and try new things some things will work, some things will not, you will need to adjust.

It's important to understand that adversity isn't telling you, you failed or you not good enough it's telling you to, try another way. (read 6 Steps to Meet Your Goal)

Here are 4 ways to use adversity to your advantage:

Write it Down or Share it This helps relieve the stress and allows you get clearer view of what is going on.

Recognize your accomplishments This helps keep away the negativity that creeps in and makes us feel bad when dealing with Adversity.

Turn on an Attitude of Gratitude Tell yourself, a friend, and/or a significant other three things that you are grateful for at the moment. It's incredible how quickly this turns a frown upside down. It creates a spark to get you moving towards your goal again. (read Gratefulness)

Refocus Evaluate any changes you need to make to move to the next step, then most importantly, take action.

Remember adversity is something that you can overcome. It's not that you failed or you can't, you just need to find a different way.

What adversity are you facing right now thats keeping you from being a happy musician? I would love to know how you have used adversity to your advantage.

Your Happy Musician

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