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Build Your Tribe

Happy Musician Strategy


The Strategy

Build your Tribe: Psychology today says as social animals, we have a "need to belong." We might not experience this need consciously or even be aware that we have it but it resides deep within us nonetheless

Why build a tribe?

Being a part of a tribe gives you a sense of purpose, If you already have a strong sense of purpose your tribe will help keep your purpose front and center. When focusing on growth having a tribe to support and grow with you, increases your success exponentially.

One thing I find so interesting about musicians is that many belong to more than one tribe. It almost seems necessary. I myself belong to more than one tribe and want to build another, I get something different from each tribe but all the tribes help me thrive.

Benefits of a Tribe

Belonging to a tribe stimulates your creativity creates a safe place for you to experiment and try things you might not try on your own. The importance of finding your tribe should not be underestimated. Often a tribe can help provide you with insight, support your ideas and shine clarity upon your hopes and dreams. A tribe can make you feel empowered and strong,

How to build a tribe

1. Start making a list of goals and build your tribe around your goals

2. In creating a strong tribe, you need to fill it with the right people. Include these people you should

  • Close Friends & Family

  • People on the same journey, people with similar goals

  • A coach

  • A mentor

  • Someone that's where you want to be.

3.) Make a list of people you want that fits your criteria, and contact them or even them over for a casual introduction and share your goals and expectations.

Now that you have a tribe, remember, the hard work is up to you. Show up and ask for help and support when you need it. Also if someone in your tribe is not benefiting or worse being counterproductive, communicate with your tribe and figure out the best way to send them on their way.

Being a part of a tribe is a process, as you evolve so should your tribe, you may also outgrow your tribe, and that's not a bad thing. A tribe is all about evolving.

The happy Musician group is a great place to start building your tribe.


Musician Mindset Coaching now accepting clients for 2022

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