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Eight Reasons You're an Awesome Musician

The Happy Musician Coach


Fall has arrived and with it the uptick of concert and festival season. While you're out here playing your hearts out just wanted to remind you of why you are awesome.

  1. You help fulfill a basic need for human survival: If we learned anything from the pandemic, it's how necessary music is. Musicians help construct a place of sanctity for the mind and soul.

  2. Playing an instrument relieves stress: I chuckle at this because being a musician can be quite stressful. Thank God playing it lowers stress. Honestly, I do feel pretty good after playing.

  3. You can communicate without moving your lips: (unless you're a vocalist) You use an inanimate object as a conduit to express emotion. Did you know that musical expression is one of the most intimate forms of communication?

  4. You're smarter than your counterparts: In a six-month study co-ordinated by, the world’s largest DIY community, 4,694 volunteers chose a new hobby to take up during coronavirus lockdown. Among the chosen hobbies were knitting, exercising, and learning an instrument. The highest IQ increase came from the music-makers, averaging a score increase of 9.71 percent. (ref: classical fm)

  5. Musicians are great problem solvers: According to the researcher at the University of Grenada, musicians have higher neural connectivity than non-musicians in the default mode network, the nodes of which play a key role in higher cognitive processes. Higher cognitive processes refer to activities requiring major brain activity such as, for example, taking important decisions or solving daily problems.

  6. You're kind of a superhero: You have this object that shoots invisible rays that can help people with Alzheimer's remember, and people with dementia return to the present. You can wield it to control one person or masses of people. I could go on but I don't want to blow your cover.

  7. You're always in a constant state of learning: There s is always something to learn not just about music but about ourselves. I don't know about you, but music has taught me a lot about myself.

  8. You working on something you love. What's that saying? "If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life" I agree with that about 98% of the time. If 2% of the time it seems like work., life is pretty darn good.

Music is by far the most wonderful method we have to remind us each day of the power of personal accomplishment.”

- Chris S. Salazar

Candace Lark

Musician, Coach, Educator


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