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Musicians and Money

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Welcome to coaching corner - a space encouraging discussion about the not-so-musical part of being a musician. Let's talk.


Money is such a trigger word for a lot of people, but more so for musicians. Our relationship with money (whether we know it or not) heavily dictates the choices we make and don't make in our music career.

I've encountered something interesting and thought it would be a great coaching corner topic. I've encountered musicians feeling guilty about making a lot of money and viewing making a lot of money as being a "sell-out" and even a failure.

To many musicians this may seem outrageous and to others, not so much. I think there are valid reasons for feeling guilty about making a lot of money. There are people that have attempted to make me feel guilty for making a lot of money. Personally, my relationship with money has evolved in a way that gives me the freedom to make the choices I want in my music life.

I want to hear from musicians. Respond to a question or all of them, feel free to also share your thoughts and opinions.

Lets Talk:

Hows does your relationship with money dictate your music life?

Have you felt guilty about making a lot of money? Why?

Have you felt guilty about making a little money? Why?

Do have any regrets about music life decisions based strictly on money?

Do you feel like you have freedom in your music life?

A little note: Almost all of our financial relationships are tied to our youth and our parent's relationship with money. I don't share this so you can blame your parents, I share this so you can be aware of generational issues and make changes within yourself to be the musician YOU want to be.

Candace - Happy Musician Coach


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