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Musicians and Self-Worth

Coaching Corner


Welcome to coaching corner - a space encouraging discussion about the not-so-musical part of being a musician. Let's talk.


Your self-worth is too precious and expensive to allow your ups and downs to determine its value.

It's not wrong to obtain some of your self-worth from your accomplishments. You spent hours and years mastering your skills. The issue arises when all of your self-worth is measured by your accomplishments and failures.

This misplaced self-worth creates a desperation that fuels fears of rejection, poverty, and not being liked. Defining your self-worth solely by your accomplishments is a roller coaster ride, to all your greatest fears. It leads you to make choices that do not align with your purpose. Before you know it, you're burnt out, and wondering how you got where you are and why you're not where you want to be.

If you believe you're worthless, then you will cease to add value to yourself. You can't out-practice or out-perform negative self-worth. But, you can change.

How do you stop measuring your self-worth by your accomplishments?

Do this

  1. Redefine your Professional Identity - your goals and dreams you have for yourself.

  2. Redefine your Personal Identity - What you think of yourself, what makes you, you.

  3. Every time you do a good job, don’t just let it pass; give yourself a compliment. Every time you choose discipline over indulgence, don’t tell yourself that you should have anyway; recognize how much you are helping yourself.

  4. What is your definition of success? - not someone else's definition, what is your vision of success for yourself?

It took me a long time to understand that I am responsible for my self-worth. Accepting that responsibility is how I was able to define my success, I know you can do the same.

Have you measured your value by your music accomplishments? If so how did it affect you?

Candace - Happy Musician Coach


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