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How's your Vision?

The Happy Musician


Without vision, you're blind to your potential. Vision does not have to be some huge grandiose thing. But if you want to meat a goal. you need to have a vision.

What is vision? Vision is a clear, specific, slightly out of reach, yet realistic view of a goal. It's so real that you can almost taste and feel it. It's not a dreamy blur of what could be. It's a finished picture of what you are working to achieve. It's a bright, crisp picture you see every day. A vision is a picture of exactly what you want, why you want it, and when you want it to happen.

Why you need vision:

  • Vision breaks through limitations: when you see something so clearly that it is a reality for you, limitations will be gentle little speed bumps on the way to your goal.

  • Vision gives you an Identity: Who are you? What do you stand for? Why are you doing this? The answers to these questions are (and should be) in your vision. Before I understood this.

  • Vision is the GPS to your Goal: Every time you make a decision, check your vision. Ask yourself, is what you're doing in line with your end goal? Is this taking you off your desired path?

  • Vision Lets you see into the future: Vision is a view of your desired future. The challenge is to be able to project yourself into a future that you have little or no reference point. You can imagine it but, it's difficult to envision it. For example, I imagined myself helping other musicians be happy, but until I envisioned it my progress was almost nonexistent.

How to create your vision

  • Think about what really matters to you. Not what should matter, what does matter.

  • Write down your secret passions and dreams.

  • Ask yourself what qualities would you like to develop.

  • List your values. What issues do you care about?

  • List What’s special about you.

  • Think about the legacy you want to leave behind.

So, how can I help make your vision a reality?

"You need desire to be fully alive and you need vision to fulfill your desires."

- Danielle LaPorte

Candace Lark

Musician, Coach, Educator


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