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Prioritize What Fuels You

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Happy Musician Strategy



Prioritize What Fuels You

Being a musician has so many avenues. It's important to prioritize what you love doing as a musician.


In an effort to pay our bills and make connections, we can get pulled in many directions and lose sight of what excites us about being a musician. It's important to prioritize activities and interactions that refresh you and excite you

“It is only when we suspend our addiction to motion and quest for achievement that we can rest—and dream, again.”

I personally love playing in small ensembles especially with fellow harpists. I have so much fun. I feel excited and refreshed. When I have a chance to play do this, it takes priority over other music activities. I know how much the playing, communing with other musicians and the whole experience fuels me. This lowers my stress and increases my motivation, it also inspires me.

When we don't feed our soul, our creativity suffers, and motivation soon follows. The next thing you know you don't want to sing or even look at your instrument.

Remind yourself that you're doing your best and you cant do it all. What fuels you may not have anything to do with music and that's fine, just prioritize it. When you feed your soul It will shine through your music.


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